2007 is the year when PC and TV merge.

Further to the predictions of the IT Swami, this is the year when the PC and the TV merge: Apple reveals plans for joining PC to TV. Of course they aren't there yet with this one.

Apple TV, as discussed in September, is a small white box that plugs into a flat-panel TV and wirelessly connects to a Mac or PC over an 802.11n network, allowing content stored on the computer to play on the television.

The world does NOT want a third box - we want one. When the iPod plays TV, games, internet browser, video and music, with a DVD player input (and a vinyl record player input just for me), and an external feed to screen and sound system, THEN Apple have made it.

The Skeptic thinks either XBox or PS3 are going to beat them to it in a three-way merger: PC, TV and game station. Unless the Apple/Nintendo thing happens, then all bets are off...


It's called the Wii

PC + TV = Wii, PSx, & XBox

So you're right!

May be HP is doing right

Today I've seen this


and... well, it seems to be the box.
Antonio Valle

"The safe course leads ever downward into stagnation." -- Frank Herbert

Still two boxes but yes

Still two boxes but yes closer. I want to do everything I do on a TV or on a PC or on a VCR or DVD player or stereo on one device. I can handle some of the old media devices (Cd player, turntable) being external, but the TV and the PC (and the game machine) will soon be one

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