To all you ITIL zealots, and confounding vendors, and obfuscating analysts: Merry Christmas from the IT Skeptic

To all the people who give us ITIL, who build a professional body around ITSM, who make us tools to get the job done, who reflect and predict on the industry: to all those who get the sharp edge of the IT Skeptic's criticism, sarcasm and of course skepticism, I just want to say: Thankyou and Merry Christmas.

Thankyou? Yes thankyou. Thankyou because ITIL is useful and changing IT operations. Thankyou because OGC work hard to build something good. Thankyou because the itSMF has built professionalism and carried ITIL to the world. Thankyou because the tools do make life easier(and making software is a tough gig - I know). And thankyou because so few of us have time to step back and reflect on the big picture.

If my needling ever gave you cause to think "Oh why bother?", then I'm sorry. Please don't give up. The world needs your efforts, and most of you are doing a great job.

Of course it could always be better, and this gadfly will be back in 2007 to suggest how :-)

Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year
from the IT Skeptic


C'mon... this can not be done!

Have you seen the Unicef reports, the global heating problem, the african reality, etc etc etc? Don't be a zealot... the Merry XMas can not be done, neither as the CMDB

With just a little of irony, regards and Merry XMas... it can not be done, but it can be a good wish for all of us.

Let 2007 be a better year for everybody, and have my best wishes!!

The XMas Skeptic

Look at the good things you've got.

Hahaha, thankyou.

Have you compared now to a hundred years ago? A thousand? The world is as peaceful as it has ever been. More children have food and water than ever. Almost nobody has slavery as a component of their economy. I can fly anywhere in the world, and do so in a day. The world's knowledge is in one repository again for the first time since the sack of the library of Alexandria. There is more democracy in the world than there was a century ago - only China and a handful of little empires still wreck the stats. There is enough food to feed everyone if local politics didn't get in the way. Microsoft spawned the Gates Foundation. Crop yields are rising with the temperatures. Britney Spears has forsaken panties.

OK there's still rap music, post modernism, the military industrial complex, over-fishing, organised religion, tinpot dictators, Rupert Murdoch, political correctness, and American "culture". Life is still a struggle for 90% of the human race, but I really believe it is a better struggle than it was before. Every generation climbs on the shoulders of the last. Look at the good things you've got.

A new millenium has dawned. The glass is half full and filling with every generation.

My celebration is Christmas. May your chosen celebrations be merry.

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