The hot internet topic of IT jobs

Apparently the IT job market is a great generator of traffic. So much so that any story will do. Up one day, down the next.

2008-03-05 Is There Really an IT Labor Shortage? "...a self-serving myth..."

2008-03-05 Grim Job Market Deals Economy Another Blow This one came in the same email as the one above.

IT Salary Survey: Tight Times "...salaries remained relatively flat..."

2008-04-23 IT Labor Shortage or Not, Gaps Remain "Nearly one in four CIOs polled by Robert Half International in a recent survey said finding skilled IT professionals is their greatest staffing challenge. "
Same journalist as the "myth" article above.

2008-04-29 8 Ways to Bridge the IT Skills Gap Same journo again.

Why the Disconnect Around IT Employment Numbers? "New government data show IT employment at an all-time high."

2008-07-07 Computer Jobs Hit Record High

2007-03-12 The Looming CIO Shortage

March 07, 2008 New Sign Emerges of IT Job Weakness "For the first time in nearly three years, the number of people employed by IT services firms has declined, albeit by a minute 200 workers"

2007-10-30 IT Salaries to Rise Twice as Fast as Inflation

June 16, 2008 Will IT Weather Stormy Economic, Global Conditions?"Can CIOs weather the combination of a weakened dollar, high fuel prices, a shrinking pool of skilled tech workers and emerging global economies?"

June 04, 2008 IT: A Bright Spot in an Economic Slowdown

2008-07-23 Top-Paying IT Jobs: The Six-Figure Edition. "IT salaries took a hit in the past 12 months, thanks to economic woes, but plenty of $100,000-plus jobs remain"

How to Retain Top IT Workers. Trying to keep top talent on board? Here are 11 proven tactics.

IT Pros Skeptical About Job Market, Economy - Job Opportunities Down

August 12, 2008 Weakening IT Employment is Nonsense

August 13, 2008 Do IT Managers Know How to Spot Talent? "As the debate rages on over IT job availability... "

It all strikes me as rather cynical,but then what journalism isn't? Just keep whipping up the froth guys...

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