Results of IT Skeptic survey on CMDB penetration

We had a survey of implementation of CMDB in organisations. As we always say the results are invalid in that the sample is self-selecting (a) because they are IT Skeptic readers and (b) because they voted. But it serves the same purpose as those questionaires in air-head magazines: idle titillation.

So for the amusement of you lot, here are the results:

My company's (or client's) status on CMDB (as defined by ITIL) is
we have one and it works and it returns on the investment
we have one and it works but it cost too much
we have one and it doesn't work
we tried and failed
we are working on it
we are talking about it
we may do a CMDB one day
we don't plan to have one
Total votes: 102

As at today, about 15% of readers think they have a working CMDB. This fits other guesstimates: the CMDB "tidal ripple" roars on. And about as many again threw themselves at it unsuccessfully. Twice that many are still banging away, and the same number are dreaming. Only 4% have the good sense to walk away - ah the power of peer pressure and the dirth of independent critical thought.

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