To itSMF members: were you surveyed by ITIL Qualifications Board on your preference for the formal titles of ITIL Qualifications


ITIL Qualification Titles

As an ATO, I was asked by APMG. But as an itSMF member, I didn't receive any communication.

We had a very silly discussion the other day about the female version of ITIL Master - ITIL Mistress anyone!??

Hooray we have a YES to someone surveyed!

Please if you are reading this, let us know when and how. We'd all love to know.

two yes. At least one comes from Spain

Hello friends:

The Spanish itSMF opened a web poll to all their members that is still open (but the polling closed on April, 27th) at

I received and email from somebody at the itSMF asking to vote and asking to formard the request to anybody who could be interested on this and they placed a link in the home page of the itSMF website to the poll.


Trainer not Member

As an instructor (part of an ATO) I was asked. As an individual member of the itSMF, I was not....

Polling the inner-circle money-engine

Hi Liz
I hope you voted "no". Polling the inner-circle money-engine doesn't count!

So, what's the result?

Glad to see that there are three examples of a "yes". I have a few questions about this:

  • What is being done with that feedback? When?
  • Who is going to review it? When?
  • What outcome is reasonable to expect of this?

Perhaps itSMF members (or those given the opportunity) should vote (errr, offer suggestions) on some other items:

  • What color the lapel pins should be...
  • Whether or not v2 certification should be granted a stay of execution...
  • What the book titles will be for ITIL v4...


Looks like my red badge, for which I gave much blood and treasure, will no longer be the top dog.
The new red badge is "Intermediate Capability".
Gee thanks.

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