Everyone is off in their own little worlds: ITIL isn't the only parochial one

I accuse ITIL of being parochial and ignoring other frameworks, but examples can be found elsewhere.

This guy has some useful advanced ideas around measuring availability but I am impressed that he can get through the entire article without once referring to measuring a "Service" (other than the oblique reference via the term "SLA"). ITIL obviously has nothing to teach him, but a nod to the six-hindred-pound gorilla of Availbility Measurement might have been nice, if only to say how useful his techniques would be.

The word "ITIL" does appear on the page - on the Google ads. Google at least recognises the cross-interest of this material even if nobody else does.

Take a wander around the homepage. It mentions ITIL as much as an ITIL site mentions Six Sigma.

The IT Swami says all these folk are going to have to learn to play nicely and come up with an integrated framework for IT management, across Service, Governance and Assurance. The bar is lifting and all the frameworks will have to jump higher.



Is the world truly a better place with only one option.. I think innovation and progression is often enhanced by a number of different views on the same issue. In the long term, the pace of change will slow and the eventual dominant force will emerge..

In the mean time, people should feel free to fork the thinking in different directions...

While we wait for that to happen, then you should feel secure if you are consulting in the space and trying to help organizations make head or tail of the options..


Brad Vaughan

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