a lot of motherhood considerations presented as a model

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the key problem with ITIL is that it is a lot of motherhood considerations presented as a model.

Look, I’m all in favor of delivering IT as a service. However, ITIL doesn’t show us the way to get there. It just describes, often airily, why service orientation is good and how, non-specifically, we get to service nirvana. Mostly, it is common sense, but with no implementation plan.

I am most familiar with the ITIL security texts, which I have blogged about here in the past. I find them to be more humorous than helpful. Despite the valuable “lifecycle view” that ITIL brings to whatever it touches, it generally requires an almost religious belief and buy-in from business management and a significant outlay of money for special ITIL tools, training and certification. I smell a Scientology play every time I listen to an ITIL droid: let’s all go pay for auditing — I’ll bring the galvanometer and the beer; you bring your checkbook.

Since ILM also lacks any consistent or intelligent definition (except for mine: “information feng shui management”), one can see a synergy between the two: ITIL and ILM. However, I am not aware of any crossover comic that brings the two superheroes together.

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