Who is the ITIL Skeptic?

[Update: the word is long since out that the IT Skeptic is Rob England]

Many people in my home city will figure it out easily, but I prefer to remain nominally anonymous because of the greater editorial freedom it gives.

I can tell you the ITIL Skeptic is not an adherent of skeptology though years ago I had the beard, earring and ponytail.

I am not a metric skeptic, though there is a bit of a coincidence here.

Nor am I nor have I ever been affiliated with the Singlestep Unity Data Exchange Manager though I have been indirectly connected with Enterprise Management Associates in that they used to write up my past employer too. Those EMA guys like the word “skeptic” ...and no, my past employer was not BMC (but you’re warmer…)

I am not Navjot "Skeptic" Marwaha. I am an Anglo-Saxon resident in a Western nation, just so you post-modernists can know my cultural bias.

Although he is apparently “normally a raving skeptic” I am not George Spalding of Pink Elephant, though he and I share a few physiological similarities.

I live in a little house in a little village in a little country far far away...

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You are correct to remain

You are correct to remain anonymous. The OGC are not beyond pressurizing website owners, believe me.

If you stay under the radar in terms of your identity, it won't do you any harm at all.

I think I am beyond the tentacles

I think I am out of reach of the OGC. Most of my ITIL activities are voluntary services: I don't depend on OGC for my revenue and I'm certainly not in the ITIL Club (more of that in a future blog).

I also think they are open to public debate of ITIL ... well, as much as any British govt body embraces public debate. They have made abundantly clear of late that they don't believe in giving itSMF a strangle-hold over it.

All I am saying is that

All I am saying is that things are not exactly as they seem. I know that ITIL site webmasters have been pressurized, and I am not referring to tiny unknown sites either. You ought to scout opinion of the OGC from some of them. I think you might be surprised.

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