This blog is not a guerilla marketing ploy

Ed said in a recent comment "On your overall views recently and especially today I keep wondering if you're not 'daring' someone to actually tell you how to achieve the coveted CMDB nirvana - maybe we'll hear you doing podcast interviews with the likes of nLayers or Heroix challenging them with your views on the citizen airwaves "

While I don't think it is what Ed was implying, it occurs to me that folk mught think this blog is a set-up: working up to dramatically reveal the solution or to endorse or promote something.

I want to make clear that this blog is not any kind of guerilla marketing ploy (unless perhaps a tactic for marketing myself...). I'm not associated with any tools or technologies. I do contract consulting freelance. I have a few non-commercial associations: with itSMF, and with friends in some of the software vendors and ITIL consulting firms. I am not planning to offer any advertising or other services to anyone.

My blogalistic integrity is important to me and I expect to be called to task if people think it is being undermined, as when I was challenged over the Google ads on this page. The ads are overt - there is no hidden agenda. We are all adults here - you can click or not. I don't regard all forms of capitalism as the work of Satan, nor do I think they sully the pristine sanctity of the Net - it lost that long ago. Gotta feed my son's Lego addiction somehow.

I know it is hard to tell what to trust on the internet these days, and as a skeptic I strongly encourage that mindset. But you are not being had here. I'm just a highly opinionated individual with a jaundiced view of hype in all its IT manifestations, relishing the internet freedom to air those views.

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