The CMDB Federation lumbers on

For those of you who have been losing sleep over it, latests news on the CMDB Federation has it inching towards a standard for CMDB federation. [Go on, click the Federation link: kinda says it all really]. According to one HP developer's blog, the group has moved beyond UML to XML and are now coding in preparation for an "interop" when they will test their tools together. They should sell tickets. I for one would pay to see BMC, CA, Fujitsu, HP, IBM and Microsoft all discussing who is out of synch if it doesn't work.

He also says "Even if we succeed, the interop only covers a portion of what the spec needs to deliver". There is a long road beyond this first shakedown (bunfight?) before a standard is promulgated. Another blog over at BMC assures us that a standards body has been selected (but not revealed yet). I suggest it will be some time before that body is involved, and as I have said before when discussing the Federation standards gestate like elephants: it will be even longer before a standard sees the light of day.

My latest prediction is that by the time it does emerge blinking, nobody will give a flying fox anyway. CMDB will be, like, so 2007, and IT's chattering classes will be whipping some new concept to fever pitch, safely way out ahead of the possibility of actually building or delivering anything.

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