itSMF UK CEO discusses itSMF on the IT Skeptic's blog - come read and participate

Keith AldisThis is much too important to leave buried in the comments on this blog where only some readers venture: the CEO of itSMF UK, Keith Aldis, and a number of my readers are currently debating the purpose and governance of itSMF. Come read the discussion and contribute if you wish.

It all started about here. For those in a typical 21st Century hurry, or for those North Americans who can only consume sound-bites, Keith's comments are here and here.

At least I believe it is Keith. Sounds like him. I've tried emailing him to verify it but the itSMF website has a technical problem (which I reported to the webmaster).

Regular readers will know I am a vocal critic of the aloof remoteness of the ITIL power structure. So I am impressed by Keith's willingness to enter into open discussion of these issues. I'm not sure that all of the ITIL aristocracy will be equally impressed: it will be interesting to see what attempts there are to gag such candour.

Good on you Keith.

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