itSMF announce all seven global ITIL Version 3 launch events only weeks away so book now!

The ITIL Version 3 Launch website has announced details of all seven launch events. The last one is only seven weeks away so book now. These have changed from the early plans the IT Skeptic described here. USA wins, Canada loses. Korea chosen over Japan.

Earlier this year, I said "plans called for the launch to run over the three weeks starting June 4th, in London, Copenhagen, Sao Paulo, New York, Vancouver, Tokyo and Sydney, in that order. So you Ockers pencil June 20th orright mate? (Copenhagen?? Only the British would launch to Europe in Copenhagen. Must be the Danes are the only nationality they still like.)"

Copenhagen it is, and I was bang on about Sydney but London is on the 5th, not the 4th. But the big change is that a Canadian launch has been dropped in favour of two US launches on the east and west coasts. I'll leave it to one of you Yanks to enlighten us on why Canada loses. I guess the answer is obvious: the voice of the $$$; but didn't Sharon Taylor have a countering influence?

Less obvious is why they would choose Chicago over New York ...or anywhere else :-D. [Actually that's not fair: I've only seen Chicago in the depth of winter while I've seen NY in all seasons].

The other interesting change is dropping Tokyo in favour of Seoul. The Japanese are represented on both the ITIL Advisory Group (IAG) and the APMG examination panel, Korea on neither. ITIL is big in both countries and Seoul is an interesting place [I was there talking ITIL in 2003] but it seems an odd move. Love to know the reasoning behind that one too, if someone has insight...?? If it was a question of being more geographically central or accessible, then Hong Kong would be the obvious choice.

Well, better late than never: with four weeks until Copenhagen and seven until Sao Paulo I hope they can still get full houses as they already do in London. I guess with the ITIL frenzy still increasing worldwide they will. None of those places are handy to the IT Skeptic, so I'm relying on you folk to report back OK?


Your observations on road show dates

Wow! You have a lot of time on your hands. Please excuse me if I am being rude, but don't you think you're a bit obssesed with the ITIL Refresh project?

No you're not being rude.

No you're not being rude. call me out any time. I don't think I'm obsessed. I am, in effect, a journalist. Not that I chose to be but that is another story. There is a huge vacuum of open discussion and debate around ITIL that this blog seeks to fill. The Refresh is the big story, the topic on everybody's lips right now, so i report it. Or maybe I'm obsessed. Let the readers judge.

I'd like to get onto some other topics actually but OGC and itSMF keep alternately leaving this void and then providing me all this great material. I look forward very much to the ITIL world becoming so boring that I can look at other topics on this blog, and go do a few other projects that might pay better :-)

You imply that i am delving into unimportant minutae. Tell that to the Japanese and the Canadians. I for one would be interested in the reasoning behind the change and I bet they would too. It's called "transparency".

Another scaring fact...

For all of you ITIL/itSMF sceptics out there, here is anothere scaring fact.

To be able to experience the fact in all of it´s glory you will actually have to get a copy of the magazine: SERVICE TALK January 2007 (this is not an add, do not buy the magazine, just get hold of a copy). Then you need to open page 11. If you can´t get hold of this magazine I will be happy to scan that page for you and mail it, just let me know.

On the top right corner you have a picture. Look at that picture and think about it for a moment or two.

It´s not a funny picture, it´s a horrible picture. That image, in it´s simplicity, is manifesting all that ITIL stands for. It confirms all that we, as sceptisists, have allready figured out, and it scares me. It scares me alot.

/ roccster

Not sure what you are seeing

Not sure what you are seeing Roccster

The picture in question looks harmless to me. it is a cartoon of two people with thought bubbles that say "?" and a third thinking "!"

Hi - please scan and send me

Hi - please scan and send me a copy... I'm in the US


Does it really make sense to go to a marketing session around ITIL v3, I just would like to read the final books. I am still hoping the final published version will be better than the Service ... book I did a QA for in January... That did not make me very happy

Peter Lijnse

"I was there" boast potential

Good point. I think the main reasons to attend are (1) networking and (2) "I was there" boast potential. I bet each person will present for the usual 30-45-60 minutes in which time one can say at most three things of any substance.

And I wouldn't hold your breath for any significant changes between QA and publication - I reckon there simply wasn't time for anything but minor edits

I will be there!

The London event is sold out, so will most of the other events - the question we should be asking is WHO will attend. Will it be all vendors who are grasping for information to leverage in products or practitioners? Will the mix be different per location?

I will be there and I will be proud to say that I have been.

ITIL v3 Launch (London)

Hi Skeptic,

I will be present at the London launch (shame it isn't convenient for you, was hoping to meet you one day!). My motivation for going is fourfold really. The two reasons stated above as well as:
3) Hearing from the author's mouths themselves about any changes since I saw them at the itSMF conference.
4) Hopefully some good material for my blog :)

Until next time.

The ITIL Imp

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