See the IT Skeptic at bITa USA 2007 Conference in Boston, May 21-22

The IT Skeptic will be presenting and participating in a roundtable discussion at the upcoming bITa USA conference The Building Blocks for Business IT Alignment.

There are many interesting sessions scheduled, not least of them this one Can’t Speak Won’t Speak – ITILv3: Am I Subject to a Non-disclosure Agreement? , so I hope to see you there.


How many blog readers will be there?

I think that you will loose your anonymate, or are you going to wear a knitted cap?

I wish you were here, like Pink Floyd said... :-)

We've discussed my wearing a burqa

We've discussed my wearing a burqa, which would also improve my looks.

The world will be spared the spectacle

The world will be spared the spectacle of the IT Skeptic in burqa, chicken suit, Kevlar vest or other fancy dress... at least for now. This event has been cancelled.

It was a matter of time that

It was a matter of time that this event got cancelled.


How appropriate that this mal-adjusted and inappropriate event was cancelled. With self proclaimed ITIL "profits" and "Phophets of Doom" on the agenda the event is well deserved at the bottom of the ocean - RIP! May the Boston conference and all those who planned to sail never surface again.

Some people don't take criticism well, do they?

Oh my. Some people don't take criticism well, do they? I'm not aware of any ITIL "prophets of doom" on the agenda of the bITa conference. There were those such as myself who point out when things could be better, and one or two other mavericks. But everyone there supports ITIL and ITSM and the whole bITa theme promotes them.

Interesting that this originated from a roaming IP address in my own country but at a time when only insomniacs like me are up (I was wakened by an earthquake - a not uncommon event). Gives me a pretty good idea who is calling me a monkey.

If I ever descend to this kind of childishness, I hope you good readers will call me on it.

The debate the country needs but didn't get

I think it is a huge shame that the Boston event is cancelled. First of all I am a big fan of the Skeptic even though we often disagree. I even refer to him on my own less esteemed blog.

The real issue is that ITIL V3 forces people to think even while most people unfortunately want to sheep their way though service management. At a recent conference I was asked whether people should start immediately on V3 or wait. I think that is such a stupid question.

People - we aren't doing ITIL, we are trying to achieve a business goal and as part of that thinking we then need to choose whatever tools or frameworks help us to achieve that goal. It might be V3, it might be CobIT, it might be something else completely.

As people are overwhelmed by the spin on V3 which is intended to create an atmosphere of inevitability, it is critical that people get information that reflects critical thinking that they may not have the time or the access to themselves.

As an example how many people know that there are two very different V3 Foundations sylabii? How may people know that a vey significant % of the ITIL Advisory Group are very critical of the finished product. The differences in opinion is not about ego but substance and I think the Boston BiTA event was a real effort to have a balanced discussion.

It looked at IBM ISMA heritage, it looked at our dear Skeptic's critical views, it had people from the IAG, itSMF with varying views. Not everyone is an avid blog reader - where is the fair and balanced opinion now going to come from?

I still hope that I get a chance to meet the Skpetic one day - with or without a burkha - perhaps even more important I hope that people get timely access to accurate and relevant information to make good decisions on ITIL as well as sound choices around their own personal development.

Debating ITIL - "Religious Dissent"?


Well said. The opportunities for some of the power hitters to get together and debate service management as part of a 'state of the union' session are rare indeed - we did not even get that for the ITIL V3 refresh! One ideal forum would be the itSMF event - for some reason it just does not happen. So when something like BITA creates the chance its a welcome breath of fresh air and an opportunity for everyone to learn by doing what I thought you do to advance a profession - discuss lessons learned and opinions with your peers.

Well it seems that whenever such a debate or presentation happens those involved risk being labeled 'nay-sayers' and what is tantamount to blasphemers against the ITIL religious cause. This is ridiculous. As you say Alan - we are NOT selling or implementing ITIL and if that a crime then get out the ducking stool for me - we are discussing service management - which predates ITIL by at least 20 years. We have the right to include ITIL in those discussions as a (possible) viable tool and offer opinions on where it helps and hinders.

Here we are in 2007 and ITIL is starting to discuss principles of service management that were EXERCISED in IT shops in 1972 and in products as far back as 1980! Are we going to throw away all that history and the opportunity to learn from those involved?

Our customers have kids to get through college and a demanding business customer to satisfy - they believe ITSM and ITIL offer help. They cannot afford a leap of faith and I for one don't see why ITIL should not be subject to the same due diligence we afford any product - and yes it is a commercial product (oops thats 25 lashes).

The itSMF should encourage any debate that furthers the profession of service management. BITA filled a necessary gap. As for its cancellation - its more a rescheduling. For those out there that thought the sessions were going to be an ITIL bashing event - you flatter ITIL too much....

Skeptic - thanks for the chance to blog...

closed minds and the inability to accept debate

Tiptoeing through the minefield of American political correctness, I prefer the term "cult" to "religion" (see "ITIL the Cult"), but I agree that closed minds and the inability to accept debate or criticism does tend to infer a non-rational adherence to a faith.

On the other hand, in some instances it may stem more from simple arrogance and/or personal insecurity: people take it not as an affront to their beliefs but as an affront to themselves personally. I work hard to ensure this blog does not get personal and I have nothing personal against anyone ... with the possible exception of the one who called me a monkey ;-D

ITSkeptic in a burqa

Cannot wait to see the Skeptic in a disguise ... I heard that a chicken suit was in consideration... the most important question is can we get your autograph after the session...

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