Today’s shock joint announcement from Microsoft and IBM throws ITIL Refresh into doubt

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In preparation for the release of Microsoft Service Manager (previously known as “Service Desk”), Microsoft made a surprise joint announcement today with IBM.

SAN DIEGO, April 1st /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- At the Microsoft Management Summit 2007 (MMS 2007) today, Arden Laws, newly appointed Vice President of Infrastructure Methodologies for Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) said , “In partnership with our good friends at IBM, and in support of the upcoming beta release of Microsoft System Center Service Manager, Microsoft are pleased to announced the release of Infrastructure Library 20000, scheduled for May 30th 2007. Both our organisations have been concerned for some time by the excessive control and influence wielded within ITIL and itSMF by Hewlett Packard. The ITIL Version 3 Refresh has brought this to a head and left us with no option but to make a competitive response. IBM created ITIL and Microsoft evolved it to a much higher level with Microsoft Operating Framework (MOF) so we decided we were uniquely positioned to create an equivalent ISO20000 Infrastructure Library together. By combining MOF with a number of IBM publications, we have created a library that covers all aspects of ISO20000”.

Briar Jenning, IBM Director of Operational Practice (and also recently appointed), said “The ISO/IEC 20000 standard documents the “what”. We have documented the “how’” with five books of practical advice, based on a Deming lifecycle of continuous process development. Now businesses can implement a process framework across all aspects of their IT operations instead of the limited scope offered by ITIL; they can benchmark themselves against an internationally recognised standard; and they can access practitioners and products certified to the same standard. Due to the rigorous quality assurance cycles we have already applied to this content, the first release will be IL20000 Version 3. Starting on June 1st we will run a Version 3 Road-show in 30 cities across 14 countries with joint presentations and training from IBM and Microsoft staff. There will be free breakfast seminars and free three-day IL20000 Fundamental certification in all locations, along with executive retreats in the Cayman Islands, Boracay, the Azores, Monaco and Goa. ”

Copyright in the books has been gifted to an independent Foundation Institution on Service Management , whose Board of Trustees - we can exclusively reveal - includes an ex-President of the United States, a Gulf War veteran general, a former UK cabinet minister, several board members of Fortune 50 companies, and a French academic. The FIoSM is reputed to have a marketing war-chest of $14M and a permanent full-time staff of nine. In a surprise move, Sharie Tailor has resigned her current positions to take the role of International President of the FIoSM. Said Tailor: “My work on my past project is done. The IL20000 presents far greater opportunities and far greater resources with which to bring those opportunities to fruition.”

When asked to comment, an OGC spokesperson, who asked not to be named, replied "We are not amused. This is a tawdry attempt to buy the market. This will have no impact on the ITIL Version 3 Refresh Roadshow which shall soldier on. Or very little, other than possibly resheduling it once we find replacements for some of the key players".

A Microsoft spokesperson strongly denied that the new group are “buying the market”, responding that “We consider it a great opportunity for our organisation to give back to our loyal customers and future customers by including the eBooks at no charge with every copy of Windows (desktop or server), along with free training and certification to the first hundred thousand practitioners. So as not to disadvantage existing clients, copies of IL20000 will be available for free download from June 1st from the Microsoft website for existing Windows users.”

When asked to comment on the OGC remark, Jenning added “IBM do not seek to profit from IL20000. We will demonstrate our commitment to the open source community by publishing the IL20000 books under the GNU licence for download in OpenDoc XML format from the IBM Linux website”.

The two organisations have also commissioned a print run of 100,000 complementary bound sets of the books for distribution to “valued clients, prospective clients, libraries, tertiary students, and attendees at all major IT conferences in 2007/2008”.

The practitioner’s body, already incorporated in the USA and UK, is known as the IT Service Management Guild. “Local start-up chapters of 25 members or more will receive seed funding of $25,000 each” says Laws, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the itSMG. “Nominations are open for interim positions of International President and committee. These will all be salaried full-time positions. Remuneration will be in six figures, and extensive international travel is required. We would prefer candidates with prior experience from similar organisations. Election will be held in May to assume the positions from June 1st.”

In related news, the Chinese government has announced a free public domain version of the ITIL books based in Mongolia. Apparently a pirate pdf copy of the ITIL Version 3 books has been posted on a server in Ulan Batar along with the message “The forces of capitalism shall hold this wisdom enslaved no longer. The glorious People’s Revolution has set it free on a website in the Autonomous People’s Republic of Mongolia, far beyond the clutches of capitalist pig-dog lackey lawyers and their decadent copyrights or trademarks. It shall be known as the Autonomous People’s Republic Infrastructure Library and the practitioners’ body will be the Foundation Organisational Operations Liberation Service”. The URL for the pirate copy is and the practitioners’ body


MS and IBM Team up

I knew it was a hoax in the opening paragraph. Any quote of Microsoft saying, "our good friends at IBM" has got to be a spoof.

Best Regards,

MS and IBM Team Up

Does IBM have any good friends?

for real

Is this for real?? Did IBM and MS really team up??

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the answer is YES!

carefully read the last line

carefully read the last line of the last paragraph, or check the publication date... no, sorry

April Fools: Setting the Record Straight

You wouldn't believe how many times I have argued w/ Beijing taxi drivers that no, Mongolia (Outer - at least) is not a Chinese province. It's its own country, where they've had free and open governance since the early '90's. In my eyes, as far as visibility goes, it's kind of like the Canada of Central Asia. :-)

If the Chinese government were to release its own version of ITIL, based in the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region, it would be based out of Hohhot, the capital of that province.

Other than that, no major complaints. Enjoyed the posting. It's not often that my two focus areas of ITIL and Mongolia get mentioned in the same sentence.

...and Ulan Bator is the old Russian spelling. These days, the appropriate spelling is Ulaanbaatar.

Ya got me!

Ya got me! I knew that but I got sloppy. Mighta known I wouldn't get away with it...

Re spelling, I still use Burma, Madras, and Hanoi...

Ya got me!

Should I do it.....should I not do it.....vacillating.....ok, I'll do it....

um, er. Not to pick any nits, but I think you mean Saigon, not Hanoi....?

Yeah I do, sigh.....

Yeah I do, sigh..... The Skeptic is a bit stretched this month. I think I'll leave geography alone for a while.

IL20000 is really a great story...

...told on April 1st. But one has to give credit to the author that really has made an effort to put in a lot of details (or should I say similarities?) to the ITIL Refresh project. Good work. I wouldn't wait for the Spanish, or any translation if I were you... ;-)

Similarities? I'm sure the Roadshow team wish

Similarities? I'm sure the Roadshow team wish they had $1.4M marketing funds and just one Gulf War general.

Seen is believing and I'm now a believer

But I thought it was to good to be true. Sorry for doubting but I guess I'm a bit "Skeptic" too. Until I downloaded and saw the PDFs I just couldn't believe it. This must be the revolution for the ITSM area we have all been waiting for! No doubt Shaire Tailor has changed teams...and with that starting contribution I'm thinking of heading a chapter of the itSMG in Mongolia :-)

How To

I too am a and where did you go to download the pdfs? i tried the url link provided unsuccessfully?


Thanks for the information!

I downloaded the PDFs. I was very pleased with the new updates to ITIL!

I was a little surprised to see so many spelling and grammatical errors there were. Helpfully Microsoft and IBM won't make the same mistakes.

Well... until they decide to translate IL20k to Spanish

then we will find the same errors than in localized version of MS and OBM products an manuals...but I think that IBM will enhance ISO20k with red books and, of course, MOF is really a rocket launch for the standards!

I think those guys have saved the future of service management!

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