CIO Asia magazine criticises the IT Skeptic's comments

Looks like I'll never work in Asia again :-) I've taken some flak in CIO Asia magazine regarding views expressed on a Datamation forum.

Peter Hind is writing for an audience where he would be a brave editor if he were supportive. I stand by the position taken, which is that there are additional cultural complications in some Asian countries that mean I think the jury is still out on how successful the ITIL movement will be. You can make your own judgement. if you read the article, please also read my comment in reply.


More on ITIL in Asia

...and I said this on the Datamation forum:

those of you who have travelled the region, play "Spot the Culture". Which country (or countries - there may be multiple correct answers) is this?

  • A formally agreed and signed contract is an excellent starting point for negotiations
  • A problem is only a problem when it cannot be ignored any more
  • Never answer in the negative to a superior. Better to remain silent
  • Never give bad news. Better to remain silent
  • Completing a task and appearing to have completed a task are effectively the same thing
  • The committee may meet on Tuesdays but the real decisions are made at lunch/golf/karaoke on Fridays
  • You only need take direction from someone who is hierachically superior to you
  • Nobody made the decision, we all just agreed
  • No point planning for the future; what happens happens

yes I know "USA" or any country can be the correct answer to all of them at times, but as a generalisation these are regional behaviours more prevalent in Asia than the West. They are becoming less common with Westernisation but anyone who has done business there will agree - I think - that they are still very real. they are often endearing, too, but I put it to you that they don't help adoption of ITIL, or that the ITIL that happens in Asia will be different.

The original point was that the white British colonial slant of ITIL (none of USA, Canada, SA, Aus, NZ will like being refered to as British colonies but you know what I mean), even more so in version 3, diminishes its effectiveness for Asia. I stand by that.

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