The chair

Colleagues of mine did a benchmark demonstration to a prospective client. For reasons that I have lost in the mists of time, they were in a room in IBM's building, even though IBM were a competitor. As a result we had to supply all our own gear, so they brought in box after box of monitors and other equipment (probably not servers, this was a LOOONG time ago). Giff had a dodgy back so he had his own special chair too.

Late Friday night, Giff is packing up. He backs his station wagon up to the front doors and starts trolleying out big boxes of computer gear all in its original packaging.

The night watchman on the front desk watches him, bored. A total stranger is loading up computer gear but he says nothing.

The last thing Giff takes out is his chair. "Oi!" says the watchman, "where you going wiv that chair?"

This is one in a series of Legends of IT. Please add your own tall tales.

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