New technique to squeeze optimum performance from helpdesks

According to news reports,

Workers at a government call centre were ordered to observe a three-minute time limit when using the toilet and keep diary entries of how long they spent in the bathroom.

I wonder how much detail was required in those diary entries?

Managers at Medicare Australia in Parramatta [,Sydney] were even following staff into bathrooms to hurry them along, it was claimed yesterday.

Brings a whole new meaning to "minimising waste": the bosses "lean" on the staff.


I take it they have an

I take it they have an all-male staff. Women need double the time, you know?

So do men

So do men if never mind. I assume the company provided free tea, coffee and prunes.

so do men

Good point. Hopefully we will eventually hear how it all worked out (or didn't). ldiaz

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