itSMF governance

Perhaps a little itSMF governance might be in order over IT Governance

Here are some observations:

  • the itSMFUSA bookstore is outsourced to IT Governance, a British book-selling company.
  • IT Governance made a post on itSMFUSA LinkedIn forum "ITIL 2011 books can now be pre-ordered from the itSMF USA online store".
  • the post references a FAQ pdf for "a document available from itSMF USA about the truth about the update"
  • That pdf is on itSMFUSA letterhead from the itSMFUSA website. It even conveniently has the itSMFUSA Board names listed down the side, for no obvious reason. But boy does it look itSMF-y.
  • The pdf is similar to this FAQ which is "© TSO 2011". Remarkably similar. Similar enough to stimulate the interest of an intellectual property lawyer, I'd have thought.
  • But the only attribution we find on the itSMFUSA pdf is itSMF's brand plastered all over it and this at the bottom: "Thanks to IT Governance for this FAQ".
  • The "itSMFUSA ITIL 2011 Update" FAQ text has an odd FAQ statement in identical font near the end "As an itSMFUSA Member Get The Update Publications Before Anyone Else" (I hope I got that quote right. The pdf is in a protected format in case anyone should try to rip off the content). A funny insertion for a supposed FAQ but they do things differently in the USA. Must have something to do with "the truth about the update".
  • Then it makes the exciting assertion "you can be the first in America to receive these publications. We have the first US shipment and can send you your copy on the 29 July". Not that we're selling to you, this is an informative update FAQ from itSMFUSA right?
  • I can't comment on the veracity of "We have the first US shipment" - I leave that to other suppliers to comment on. If it's true then I'm wondering how IT Governance gets privileged access.
  • ... but I do notice the word "can" repeated twice: "can be the first... can send...". Can/will. Potayto/potahto.

This leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I don't even live in the USA. But I am an itSMF member.

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