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Dear Mr Wizard

I would like to know the reporting person for a role "Change Manager" and working under whom within IT division.


Dear JJ

Admittedly ITIL is a bit vague about reporting structure. It has to be - there are about 90 roles in ITIL . Of course ITIL provides the perfect model for structuring your organisation so it is a shame that it doesn't clearly define who reports where. Personally I think your Change Manager should report to the Retail Operations Manager just down the hall from you - it is a mystery to me why ITIL doesn't say so.

The official OGC ITIL book Building an ITIL-Based Service Management Department is not as timid as core ITIL. It boldly lays out an entire organisational structure based on ITIL theory, which is of course the most sound basis for organising personnel.

I should note there is some variation in opinion around the world about where the Change Manager sits. In many organisations they sit in a far corner cube reporting to an IT operations team leader. On the other hand CEOs list managing change as one of their top ten issues year on year, so you'd think the Change Manger would report to the CEO, no? I'd tell you where Building an ITIL-Based Service Management Department places it, but I appear to have thrown the book away.

Good luck!
The ITIL Wizard

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