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This is Sarah Palin doing the tech-savvy thing by blogging to ya, bringing you a brief introfuction to ITIL. I hear ITIL started out being about incitement manglement, and the Servile Desk. Proactivity problem manglement was in and then it was out. Change has always been in but now release is called release and deemployment. ITIL never mentioned the servile catalock much and still doesn't which is odd because it is key to business alinesmen. ITIL is better now on servile level manglement and introduces a whole servile lifetime, including servile demands, servile portofino, servile transistor and something I've had too much of: servile retirement. And theres' something called Contagious Servile Improofment which I don't quite get.

See you don't have to be some literary genius to be a Great Communiator.

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Wonder if this had something

Wonder if this had something to do with her invention of the term "refudiate".

The World According To...

The American Right: Sarah Palin is smarter than you will ever be, and she gets short shrift from the liberal media who attack her relentlessly for non-political issues like her hairdo and where she buys her clothes. Selecting her for VP was a stroke of genius that helped McCain almost win the election despite insurmountable odds over that Mao-ist Leninist Marxist Communist who hijacked our White House.

The American Left: Sarah Palin must be the stupidest person on earth. It is scary McCain nominated her and she was just a few thousand votes from the White House. She symbolizes all that is wrong with the Puglicans.

Non Americans: Don't Americans realize Sarah Palin is an embarrassment to all Americans, not only as a Vice-Presidential candidate, but also as a talk show host? American politics are in sadder shape than we feared possible. The American mind is rapidly shrinking along with its outdated 20th century style leadership.

An American Response...


I would agree with your summations of what the "left" and "right" believe in America. There is ignorance and a serious lack of genuine leadership in Washington. Unfortunately since the 80's, Americans have had to elect the lessor of two/three evils vs. voting FOR a favored candidate...

Sarah Palin is a flash in the pan who made some headlines. I expect her to fade as I think only the extreme right believe she is a possible candidate ~ TWO years from now. And a LOT can happen in DC politics in two years.

But I would also argue that America is not just LEFT and RIGHT. The extremes of these views probably only represent 20% of the population, which are the most vocal. The rest of the country is in-between with minor degrees one side or the other. America is not perfect, and I don't think the plan for it was ever to be perfect, because a perfect utopian society cannot exist (if it does, please do share). What you have to admire about America is that it constantly changes, and will fix itself, always has, always will - it will adjust - painfully at times... The American Mind isn't shrinking, just the idiots that make up our entertainment based news organizations... Don't believe what you see on TV or read on the Internet... I still have faith in the American Dream.

John M. Clark

My favourite made up word

My favourite made up word from a V2 Manager's mock exam......


Section heading, and double under-lined no less :-)


Strategisiteration... awesome :)

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