The IT Skeptic at work

It's a tough life being a consultant. Here is a peek behind the scenes at the IT Skeptic working on IT governance research in one of the corporate breakout areas on the Two Hills headquarters campus:


"Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home"

Summer is here in Wellington at last!!!.


Sunny South Africa :)

Its when I see posts and comments like these that I am reminded about one of the reasons why I love staying where I do (Port Elizabeth, South Africa)...

Single digit temperatures are reserved for winter nights (and maybe a handful of days); summer averages mid 20s with maybe highs of low 30s. Many people look for reasons to leave, but they are not going to blame the weather that's for sure!!!

So a consultant's biggest challenge here: actually doing that research while at the beach :)

Summer is here in Wellington at last!!!.

So the wind has dropped below gale-force and the temperature has gone above 20c - nice :) Nice to see you working so hard mate...

tough job

Hi Crutch

No really, no wind at all and high twenties. More than three days of it!

It's a tough job but somebody has to do it. I think the recession put ten years on me so don't let the photo fool you :D

We might make all time record

There is 70 cm of snow here, the all time record for the closest measurement site is 86 cm and this is only February, top snow is usually in March. The thing is that there are no easy places to put it, the snow hills are getting higher.

This picture of my summer desk was taken before last nights 10 cm.


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