Inconsistency in ITIL product compliance?

Reading an official OGC webpage today, it seems to me to imply that products certified by OGC before a certain time were assessed to a laxer set of criteria than more recent certifications. What do you infer when you read the following?

Now that the criteria are published and available to all vendors in advance of an assessment, a higher compliance pass rate can reasonably be required. As Licensed Software Assessors are seeking 100% compliance...

Previously the criteria were secret, a source of much hilarity on this blog. Recently they were finally published(zip download). I read the above quote as saying that when the criteria were secret, less than 100% compliance was acceptable, but now that they are published, 100% compliance is required.

If this is correct, then how is a potential purchaser to know which level a product was certified at by OGC? Will the early adopters such as BMC be required to re-submit their products?

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