Do you promise not to tell?

Pssst, itSMF International is calling for nominations for the International Executive Board but it's a secret so don't tell anyone ok?

If your local chapter is on the ball they will have told you... or not. Since itSMF has no international means of communication other than the website, it's a bit disappointing it is not there.


Best Kept Secret In the ITSM World

It is such a well kept secret that the results of the election have not been announced after the AGM, which I understand was conducted last weekend.

Obviously the acquisition of the itSMF UK ISO 20K scheme is more important news than telling the members who is running the show.

From this it is pretty obvious who is managing the itSMF International website.

So much for the promise of transparency and accountability...!!!! It is nothing more than lip service.

And as for the promise of better communication, the failure to keep its members informed of the progress and outcomes of such an election speaks for itself.

Awaiting anointment

Hmm Friday (or Thursday in the backward parts of the planet) and still no word. Do they send up coloured smoke?

itSMF International Election

Hi Skeptic,

Thanks for mentioning the election - Yes the election process is underway and we have followed our process by informing chapter presidents. The process requires nomination by the chapter board of candidates and then a vote is allocated per chapter. Should any member have comments please do pass them onto the International Board through your local Chapter. We are very interested in feedback.


Communication is clearly still an issue for itSMF

So if any chapter had a troublesome member that they didn't want to nominate they could just forget to notify them. In fact in some of the wilder reaches of the planet, a little coterie could stitch up the itSMF franchise for themselves and the paying punters would never even know. 76 countries now is it? Guarantee that would never happen in any of them?

And guarantee that every president of every chapter in every country has successfully notified every member in a timely manner?

I don't think so.

Communication is clearly still an issue for itSMF. Why the heck not post announcement on the website too?

What nomination

Never heard of such an election.


still an itSMF member

Your Finnish itSMF Chapter president has, and if you are still an itSMF member so should you have [but clearly some chapters are better than others at passing on news]

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