Crap Factoids

The IT Skeptic introduced the concept of Crap Factoids. Crap Factoids are pure bull-excrement that almost sound like a fact, and will be presented so often that everyone will think it true. The worst perpetrators of Crap Factoids are analysts (closely followed by vendors and consulting firms). Crap factoids often originate from rubbish "research" or "surveys" which are fun to ridicule... so we do.

A list of all Crap Factoids is here

Chokey the Chimp is the public spokesman for The IT Skeptic's Crap Factoid Early Warning Service.

Chokey the Chimp hates crap factoids

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Chokey might like this

Hi Chokey

Thought you might like this. I have written some instructions on how to improve your customer satisfaction without unduly bothering your staff or yourself. It is here The sad part is that all the examples are real from respected IT service companies.


Crap-factoids on steriods

Hi Chokey,
The following article is the best (or is that worst?) example of crap-factoids ever.

We seffrikans shovel BS with the best out there!
Best wishes,
Your loyal shovel partner

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