What is the difference between ITIL and PMP?

What is the different between ITIL and PMP, and what is the best for who is working as network administrator?


Hi Monty

Yes that is a tough question that Googling won't answer for you, well at least not without at least 5 minutes of reading.

The answer is very little. Both are a collection of techniques and ideas, both come in book form, both have institutes and certification exams.

PMP is American and ITIL is British so that's a big difference, especially when they talk about synchronise and colour.

There are more books and exams in ITIL than PMP so I'd stick to PMP. Also the professional body associated with PMP, the PMI, isn't going bust and defunct and riven by petty international politics. And finally PMP is still a not-for-profit product while ITIL has been sold off to an outsourcer that's kinda like the British equivalent of CSC, only even harder-nosed.

Unless you want software, in which case I'd go ITIL since much more software is ITIL compliant than PMP compliant. (The assessment criteria for ITIL products haven't been a British state secret for a long time).

Best of luck!
The ITIL Wizard

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