What is the best ITIL service desk tool?

I'm surprised that folk can say "X is the best" when they have no idea of someone's requirements.

If you evaluate a tool based on features, you're doing it wrong.

On a forum recently somebody asked what is the best tool? and got replies like

Service Now is the answer to your needs. [ITIL Expert]
BMC Remedy is good one
We used Remedy by BMC and I feel like it was very ITIL compliant.

...and of course a gaggle of vendors popped up pimping their own products (though a CA guy gave some of the best impartial advice!!). OMG, we're an immature industry.

If you evaluate a tool based on features, you're doing it wrong.

When you evaluate a tool look at:

  • your business requirements: end-user friendliness, cost, skill level required, growth...
  • expertise available LOCALLY. never ever try to run a new tool yourself without expert help.
  • fit to your process requirements. BTW, "ITIL compliance" is debatable. There is a Certification program from Axelos / PinkVerify for vendiors who bother. Better to focus on your own process requirements, as ITIL itself advises you to 'adopt and adapt"
  • relationship with the vendor
  • your own experience, and references from those you know and trust
  • very very carefully filtered assessment of what people say online. Analysts like Gartner are just one more opinion: don't ascribe to them any mystical level of insight.

I forgot I discussed this once before in 2010 at slightly greater length.

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