Lots of people have been asking me about VeriSM™ since I was listed as a lead author. Here is the skinny on that.

I was involved early. I discussed it with Claire, and I contributed my Basic Service Management book as a starter to help her get going. As it happens, so many people have contributed so much effort to the book that I don't see a lot of my original work in there any more, and that's a good thing - I'm happy about that. I hope that my contribution eased some of the load on her at the beginning. But it means they are being generous to call me a "lead author".

So I haven't kept up to speed with the final product, I'm not a source of wisdom on it, I need to learn like everyone else. Right now I am drowning in work doing DevOps consulting in Wellington, so I've had no time to study it and understand the value and the implications.

For every question asked I have three possible answers to choose from:
A) I wish it every success
B) we have to wait and see
C) I don't know

I will say that the support behind VeriSM ("APMG, BCS, EXIN, Van Haren Publishing, Innovation value Institute, ITSM Zone, The Open group and itSMF International") certainly shows that the commercialisation of ITIL has lost it the moral high ground and left it open to anyone else to have a go too. This will be an interesting journey.

Here is an excellent discussion of VeriSM by one of the authors

And that's all I have to say about that... for now.

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