Tracking citizens

Wanting to be off-grid reflects more on the individual than on the society they are in.

If someone don't want "them" to know their physical location or what they are saying or where they go online then either
a) they have an inflated view of their own significance (which is a polite way to say they are paranoid) or
b) they are up to something we do want to know about or
c) they live in a society so dysfunctional that tracking is a symptom not a problem - there are deeper issues to be addressed. Sure there are some societies where staying off grid just makes sense, or at least keeping one side of your life off grid. The country needs fixing not the internet.

Anonymity isn't a right. It has never been a right in any society: name one. Every society reserves the right to know who you are, and what you are up to. Privacy is a recent (aand passing) phenomenon. It is also a different issue. Even where society allows privacy it doesn't allow anonymity. Anonymity is a pestilence, as the pathetic gamergate behaviour demonstrates.

If you are not a homosexual in a Muslim country or an anti-Putin in Russia and you feel the need to be off grid, I suggest you need to examine yourself.

[Update: Many assume that the internet etc is "inside" your house, inside your right to privacy. This assumption has always puzzled me. The internet is a public street.
And many argue that email is private in the same way that a sealed envelope is private but I don't agree with that one either, because the email is not "sealed". An encrypted email is a sealed letter. An unencrypted email is a postcard.]

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