Skep Chat 2013/3/13 - come hangout with the IT Skeptic

Here is the first online streamed Skep Chat, an opportunity to discuss recent posts on this blog

(see below for video)

Expect more of these every week or two... IF you join in to make them happen. Follow me on Google+ for notification of future such events, and then come hangout with us.

This week is with Craig Wilkey, Nate Beran, and Simone Moore.
We touch on
- irrational New Age ideas in IT: e.g.g robotics, extrapolating graphs, DNA
- sci fi, excitement and engaging people
- rational culture change e.g. Balanced Diversity by Karen Ferris
- research, information and knowledge
- Slow IT: wanting to slow down decision making, and having to slow down
- projecting our personal experience onto customer and business
- rushing after competitive edge and how often we really need to
- bad governance of IT by the business
- the US drive to meet quarterly earnings adn rush to market vs the more meaured European strategies
- vendors with poor netiquette
- how bad behaviour in sales is inevitable: caveat emptor
- the Challenger Sale
- Chief Skeptical Officer

Craig is doing a true fireside chat, even generating fire.
Nate has a train in the room.

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