Skep Chat 2013/04/04 - hangout with the IT Skeptic

Here is the latest online streamed Skep Chat, an opportunity for you - dear readers - to hangout and discuss recent posts on this blog with me.

Expect more of these every week or two... IF you join in to make them happen. Circle me on Google+ for notification of future such events, and then come hangout with us. The next Skep Chat is 0900 2013-04-16 GMT

This week contributors included David Cannon, Ivo van Haren, Kirstie Magowan, and Christophe de Boeck.

ImageWe touch on:

  • the competition card
  • changes in service desk: BYOD, what is really the impact?
  • genius bars
  • governance of BYOD and BYOApp and control over your own staff
  • short-sighted and tactical views of ITSM
  • Chicken ITle calls out the hysterical tone of articles
  • Slow IT: the finite rate at which IT can change
  • Cloud: you can't outsource the issues, the same old rules of outsourcing apply
  • All the old rules apply: the laws of gravity are not suspended. BitCoin is virtual unregulated currency
  • Infrastructure as code really is new: DevOps
  • Commodity outsourcing: take it or leave
  • Legal, regulatory, forensic requirements
  • Governance, service and assurance: how we will keep control going forward
  • Outsourcing: risk, risk and risk
  • Multi-source suppliers makes IT harder not easier
  • Real IT: can we please stick to using the term "IT" for the application of information and technology to the enterprise. All the rest is "computing".
  • IT is not "business technology". Wrong term, a distraction from what IT does.
  • CIO manages information resources just as the CFO manages financial resources. It is a strong analogy.
  • IT isn't all exactly like factory manufacturing, though Devops, Agile, Lean, SixSigma, TQM say it is. Some of what we do is production line, some of it is bespoke engineering.
  • Taylorism doesn't work on high level professional activities or bespoke development
  • Coming soon on the blog: Slow down the demands on IT, speed up the capability of IT, meet in the middle.
  • The CIO seen as trusted advisor like the CFO
  • COBIT5 as a vehicle for educating governors: are ISACA succeeding?
  • Stability of Hangouts

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