Open space for leadership

We*'re on a journey of discovery into a new domain of thought.

After our growth and exploration of Agile into the enterprise context, and our positive experiences there, we are having our minds further expanded after stumbling over the Open Leadership Network. We are currently at the inaugural conference in Boston.

Despite having incidentally encountered OpenSpace events at conferences in the past, we didn't really grasp the extent and significance of the Open movement until now. It has one foot in software and one in organisation. Many people here are Agile coaches, and many are not from IT at all.

This is a humanistic movement, overtly for scaling business agility, but more profoundly about restoration of life to work, to create something holistic, to get away from employee and organisation is machines and back to living organisms. I've recently learned that to make this happen we need to unify truth, goodness, and beauty; science, ethics, and humanities. This is life changing for me, who has prioritised truth over all else. It's not about value, the truth, it's about values.

#OpenLeadership is part of the journey, as is Agile.

This is a glimpse of the future of society and business, I'm sure of that. I'm so glad we are here.

*"we" are DrVu and I, calling ourselves Teal Unicorn.

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