Kill the ticket

I really like the "kill the ticket" movement in DevOps. (hat tip to Damon Edwards). A ticket means a work record in a tool like Remedy or Service Now to represent an incident, problem, change request, defect....

Like any of these "No xxxxx" (no projects, no estimates, kill the CAB) movements they don't mean none at all, but it must be displaced as being of prime importance.

Same with the ticket. It's primacy is one if the biggest dysfunctuons of ITIL.

We are humans. Work as humans. Communicate face to face or at least with voice. Collaborate, work in squads, work as a mob, not alone. Swarm when it's useful. Empower people to GSD (get stuff done).

And apply Agile and Lean. Don't pass work, finish it. Some ticket queues are inventory (others are valid backlogs). Tickets are transport. In Lean, transport and inventory are both forms of waste.

And FFS if you have tickets use them for what they're good for:

  • Prioritise backlogs.
  • Make work visible.
  • Automate automate automate.
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