ITIL auto-implementation

? For the #ITIL wizard @theitskeptic If I train all my staff in #ITIL they'll start "implementing" it, right? Thanks!

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Dear Kory

Pretty much.

Once you open people's eyes to the inspiring enlightenment of ITIL, they're off. Usually a Foundation course is all it takes to get staff all fired up to tear out process and tools - especially tools - and rebuild in ITIL's image.

The training organisations know this. That's what so many of them offer only training: they know nothing else is required to provide a service to their customer.

And the tools vendors know it too. They make sure they have the verification stamp, and several of them offer instant ITIL out of the box to satisfy demand from the freshly minted ITIListas.

Thanks for bringing that up
Good luck!
the ITIL Wizard

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