The IT Skeptic retires


The IT Skeptic is hanging up his guns and moving on to new adventures. He's retiring.

In my book The Worst Of the IT Skeptic, I said:

    I can’t say I entirely like the IT Skeptic, but I like what he does and I hope he continues to do it. In the end, I have come to terms with him because he is me.

Since the lights came on on this blog on 16th May 2006 (!!!), he and I have had a great time, but lately we have drifted apart. I've mellowed over the years. I'm wildly in love, we work as a team, and life is (mostly) good.

Our focus has moved from IT to the organisation, and we have a new brand to match: Teal Unicorn
Teal Unicorn

And while I am still a Skeptic, Teal Unicorn are part of a movement that embraces positivity and rejects IT's cynicism (yes, even in the current political climate of rampaging fascism).

So when my hosting company finally had enough and said they will no longer support my 15-year-old hand-crafted LAMP stack, I looked at what's involved to upgrade and decided the effort and risk are too high. It's time to go.

Don't worry, I will carry on as Rob England. There will still be some skeptical bite to my content, but it is time for new adventures in Human Systems Agility. We wrote a book about it.

Over the next few days (weeks? You can't estimate that which you have never done) you will see the functionality of this site shut down. Then I will rip it as static HTML and stand it up as an archive of the 1410 (!!!) blog posts and about 300 other pages.

The same will happen to Basic Service Management (repository of useful resources for you and home of my book of the same name), Real ITSM (a funny book I wrote and its zany home site), and a bunch of personal websites.

It has been a great journey. I want to thank everybody involved in making it possible: you dear readers, the passionate commenters, the whistle-blowers who fed me great content, the organisations on the sharp end of my posts and those who work there (sorry), those who supported and championed me, Dr Cherry Vu who changed everything, and my Mum (still going at 92). Thank-you all from the bottom of my heart.

I'll see you on our Teal Unicorn website (where I will be blogging about Human Systems Agility), Twitter (my handle may be changing), LinkedIn, and FaceBook.

Happy New Year! Here's to our new journey together.

Rob England
30th December, 2019

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