The IT Skeptic is nine years old today. Thank-you!

...and what fun it has been.

Nine years of blogging since that first post. For those into stats, as of today there are:

  • 753 people Like this blog on Facebook.
  • 214 recommend this blog on Google+.
  • 8426 people Like the IT Skeptic's facebook page.
  • 1260 blog posts published (not counting the crazy answers from the ITIL Wizard and other specialist posts). That's one blog post every 2.6 days for nine years!
  • over 40 unfinished posts in the pipeline. Many may never see the light of day as new ideas flow in from interacting with you great folks.

I've also written seven books, four training courses, several workshops, assorted papers and ebooks, and 106 published articles; been in about 20 videos and dozens of webinars; and presented at 39 conferences in those nine years. I created about a dozen websites (none as successful as this one, humble as that is) on my own Linux based technology stack hosted by some nice boys in Salt Lake City.

These days I produce on average about one piece of content a week published by others, as well as dozens of my own posts (blogs, podcasts, facebook, Google+, linkedin), comments, and tweets.

As a result 6877 people follow my 21,000 tweets on Twitter. I have a Klout (today) of 64.

It pays about the same as working in a MacDonalds in New Zealand with some overtime. I make the rest consulting in Wellington, New Zealand. So don't give up your day jobs for blogging, kids.

But I now have no intention of giving it up (followers will know it has crossed my mind a couple of times). It's too much fun. What makes it fun is you, the readers, the followers, the debaters, the thinkers, and of course the customers.

So today I want to extend a special thank-you to everyone who engages one way or another to keep me going. Thanks.

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