Happy 13th Birthday to me

Today (16th May) is the IT Skeptic's 13th Birthday! This blog went live on this day in 2006.
This is blog post 1389.

When I dig back in the archives there is much that is embarrassing, that I'd love to rewrite (or bury).
And much that isn't so relevant any more.
But there are some I'm still pretty pleased with from the deep past.

This was the first ever substantive post and it still stands: about fads in IT. We need more critical thinking and outright skepticism, now more than ever. ChatOps, K8,...

Back in 2006 I asked where is the evidence for ITIL? I don't think we are much farther ahead with hard evidence for the benefits of ITIL.

ImageI've said a number of times over the years that technology doesn't fix anything. Back in 2006 I said "If you are paunchy and aging, buying a red sportscar does not fix the problem" (that's why I bought a green one, and got rid of the paunch. The technology made me happy but it didn't help lose weight.).

And this software salesman joke is still one of my favourites.

So it has been fun, it continues to be fun, and I think sometimes I hit the mark. (I like to think that unlike Ray Kurzweil I do better than random chance.)

Thank-you everyone for your support over however many of those 13 years. Anyone been here from the beginning?

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