The guitar; a little parable about IT technology

The guitar: a little parable about how people approach IT technology.

I wanted sing-alongs with my family so I bought a guitar. A really good one with shiny chrome and Humbuckers. Apparently Humbuckers are the best pickups to ... pick up stuff.

ImageBut it didn't work - nobody sang.

So I trained everyone to play chords but still nothing happened.

That guitar is useless, I'm going to replace it with a 12-string from another maker. It means re-learning how to play but the new shop told me 12-strings work much better for sing-alongs.

If that doesn't work, the shop has promised me two lessons in "flamenco": apparently it is all the rage for sing-alongs. I'm lucky to be getting some good advice at last.

Of course the 12-string is more expensive so I'm going to get some street parties started with all the neighbours to justify the cost, and to show off my flash new guitar. I'm sure that will succeed.

There's no point asking the family what kind of guitar they want: they aren't interested in sing-alongs at all. I guess they don't know until they can experience sing-alongs for themselves so I will persevere.

Funny how nobody likes sing-alongs any more: what's wrong with the guitars these days?

P.S. My son keeps telling me I need an amp but that seems like throwing bad money after good when the guitar is clearly not working.

For some great sing-along tunes, try the songs of Rambling Kid Realitsm

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