The death of the Service Desk software industry - major player on brink of pulling out

What major service desk software vendor is considering pulling out of the sector entirely?

Not long ago, Gartner decided the Service Desk industry doesn't even exist. They now call it IT Service Support Management and say "tools go beyond traditional service desk ticketing and reporting functions to address release governance and provide visibility into the production environment." Many tools don't make the wider cut.

Now ManageEngine (who Gartner do deign to allow onto the Magic Quadrant) have decided to give away their service desk tool for free.

According to one industry insider who spoke off the record to the IT Skeptic "That's it then. Service desk is a commodity. Who wants to scrabble over annual maintenance contracts and asset management up-sells when in the good old days a 300-seat contact centre paid for two weeks in Cancun". According to our source, their company will follow the lead of VMWare who stabilised their service desk product, and IBM who sold theirs outright, by dropping their service desk product entirely. This will result in job losses for 2 designers, 6 programmers, 300 in marketing, 2500 resellers, and 26,000 independent implementation consultants. The leading industry commentator Aprill Foulis was heard to remark "Yeah, they're buggered".

This major vendor will reportedly be shifting into the markets for robot recruitment, and for catalytic converters for digital exhaust. If our source is correct, look out for a major announcement on April 1st this year.

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