Customer delight is a typically geek concept

Customer satisfaction, sure. But "delight"? I'm gonna puke. Let's stop misusing that word.

There are three kinds of people:
Technophiles who derive great pleasure and satisfaction from technology.
Tech-neutral people who can deal with technology but don't particularly like it and don't emotionally engage with it or derive pleasure from it.
Technophobes who dread technology and have a negative reaction to it.

Guess which of those groups most people working in IT come from. As technophiles we fail to recognise that the majority of the human race does not get off on technology in the same way that we do. By using emotive hyperbole when talking about technology, all it serves to do is to alienate the other groups by making ourselves look ridiculous.

A classic example of this is talking about customer "delight" in service. Most customers do not derive delight from a particularly cool online banking application. Most customers do not derive delight because their laptop got fixed.

Only geeks experience delight using software. Normal people experience delight in, say, nature or children.

Talk about "satisfy" instead of "delight" and the general public might stop rolling their eyes at you.

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