Challenge the level of ceremony in process

Reduce the level of process and hand it to the people.

I've been involved in enough ITIL adoption efforts to know they don't all work. Mostly that is because they are done to people, not by people; and they micro manage people as clerical workers instead of empowering them as knowledge workers.

Let the people doing the work design the work. For activities that actually are a process there is a hierarchy of ever increasing directiveness in how we tell people to do their work; which should be modulated based on the capability of the people doing it. Some people only need policy guidance, other people need detailed work instructions, and a complete spectrum in between (future blog post on this). This is the spectrum between knowledge workers (information masons) and clerical workers (information production line).

Define as little as possible and then empower the people doing the work to define the rest.

So after you throw out some of your documentation because it is documenting something which is not a process at all, or does not reflect reality, then review the actual processes and chuck out the documentation where you are treating your staff like children.

I wrote about this more a couple of years ago

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