Book review: Defining IT Success Through The Service Catalog, and some other catalogue books

I like Defining IT Success Through The Service Catalog. I use it.

For a simple, straightforward explanation of service catalogues using the mainstream definitions of everything, I think you can't beat Defining IT Success Through The Service Catalog.

I do have some issues with the book:

  • There are still quite a few typos in the second edition but who am I to talk - my books have more than they should.
  • The American spelling of "catalog" grates with me: I thought ITIL settled that one.
  • There is too much selling of the need for tools, and emphasis on the "retail" request view of catalogue. This is to be expected with NewScale contributing two authors.

But overall it is an excellent book. Mine is well-thumbed and full of markers and mark-up.

I also use the Van Haren book The Service Catalog though they can't spell it either. This would be my second choice. It comes second because it is too analytical, too sunk in theoretical complexity. I think it would be more useful for an advanced user in a very large organisation who needs a catalogue of great sophistication. But they ought to be getting in an expert who knows all this stuff anyway.

Also worthy of note is Servicing ITIL. I don't agree with Steinberg's list of IT services: i think many of them are not services, they are internal IT capabilities. But I finds it a useful book to refer to in order to be reminded of some services which do belong in specifically an IT service catalogue.

Coming soon: an update on my template for service catalogue content, and a system for keeping the catalogue alive.

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