Axelos release roadmaps for ITIL and PPM PRINCE2

Axelos today released their roadmaps for the development of their ITIL and PPM products.

There's not a lot for me to comment on. They look fine and nothing sets off alarm bells, which is to be expected as they are high-level and generic.

I looked for clues to potential consultant accreditation (which is my selfish concern) and saw none.

There was of course a statement that

AXELOS research shows that standard e-learning is not sufficient to deliver good outcomes, so we will focus on experiential learning methods such as gaming and simulation

...i.e. the expected tie-in to Capita's acquisition of G2G3 gaming specialists.

Certainly Axelos seem to me to be headed in the right direction, remembering that it is not Axelos's job to "fix ITSM" or any of the other grand questions which have been getting the chatterati's knickers in a twist of late.

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