Attention-seeking declarations of death

We regularly hear how something in IT "is dead". Almost invariably it isn't. IT isn't dead. Email certainly isn't, although its demise is announced fairly regularly. They're attention-seeking. Ignore them.

Here's another one "BYOD is dead, IT provider says", which serves as a good case study of this Chicken ITle phenomenon.

Getting past the impenetrable consultant-babble

Proactive demand for strategic mobility consultancy is outstripping reactive demand for BYOD point solutions

...we learn immediately that "international IT solutions and managed services provider Logicalis" is in fact flogging "its experienced customer-facing solutions architects", and there isn't jack shit about the death of BYOD anywhere in the article. Apaprently we have moved on to "proactively requesting strategic counsel on mobility as part of an operational productivity strategy". Riiiiight. Gotta love those PR guys n gals.

That's usually the way. To declare " dead" is the new "5 things..." headline: it is a formulaic approach to traffic generation. It's old already. Stop it. I look forward to the death of "is dead" headlines, but I'm not going to announce it.

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