Announcing SkepCoin

The IT Skeptic is excited to announce today an upcoming service from the IT Skeptic website: SkepCoin.

Site members will be able to buy SkepCoin currency for use on the website to buy intangible property (IP) products. Note: no products are currently available for SkepCoin purchase. Look for future announcements of opportunities to use SkepCoins.

SkepCoins cost US$10 each.

The safety and stability of SkepCoin is a high priority for the IT Skeptic. You can be assured that

  • SkepCoin is in no way affiliated with any bank or other regulated organisation based on capital assets with all their associated risks
  • SkepCoin is independent of any government interference, meddling or poking around. The value of SkepCoins will be free to rise spectacularly without the counter-acting effect of any government reserve.
  • SkepCoin is independent of any laws or controls that might affect its value, further enhancing the safety of your investment
  • SkepCoin is not and never will be subject to any taxation or levy (note: local exceptions may apply: contact your local revenue collection agency)

You can see that SkepCoin is the safest place for your money, just as the internet has increased the safety and integrity of so many other aspects of commerce and industry.
SkepCoin will in future be transferable*, allowing you to exchange SkepCoins with other buyers, confident in the integrity of your exchanges because of the internet's iron-clad protocols for control, security, privacy and authentication.

Privacy is a high priority to SkepCoin. Buyers will only need to provide name, birth-date, address and credit card details or bank account. These details will be secured in our servers in a secret location hosted by KinshasaNet, and will never be shared with any entity outside of the SkepCoin Business Alliance under any circumstances.

Note: The IT Skeptic does not advocate or propose currency speculation. We can make no promises or commitments as to the future value of SkepCoins. We simply note that BitCoin has trebled in value in twelve months. We urge readers to acquire a suitable stock of SkepCoins solely for the purposes of buying future IT Skeptic products, not for speculative purposes regardless of the extraordinary performance of virtual currencies.

For the convenience of large-scale investors in SkepCoin, we offer a higher-denomination unit worth US$1,000, known as the SkepTulip.

* The transferability of SkepCoin is subject to the IT Skeptic's upcoming incorporation as a registered government -guaranteed financial agency in the Co-operative Republic of Guyana.

[Update 2013-04-07

Here's what I don't get about BitCoin :
The value of the currency is supposedly protected by its scarcity
But there are no barriers to entry to this market. What's to stop any number of parallel currencies from springing up? How long before we have a BitYuan for example?
then we'll see the price of the BitCoin - or BitTulip as i prefer to call it - come crashing down

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