Citizens unite! Assert your right to call the latest version of ITIL what you like:


An accurate reference to the version matters

The term "ITIL" without any reference to the version of that product, still has to be distinguished by something, whether by name or date of publication, or other. It's important when referencing changes in construct, or explaining the basis for a company implementation. For example, it's common to hear practitioners say that they rolled out and operate under a model of ITIL v2 for instance.

Otherwise if we're having fun why not adopt a moniker

itil only get you so far edition
itil iterated
itil end in tears (props to the skeptic)
itil electric boogaloo

New ITIL Name

My vote is to always keep it as simple and clear as possible... "ITIL 3.1" works for me.

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The International Foundation for Information Technology (IF4IT)
Open IT Best Practices



I loved your thoughts in the keynote at the Aust itSMF conference. Let's move away from this unit of work associated with process creation, and process definition. I've often struggled to explain the principle of improvements centred around ITIL process language. Much clearer to discuss these around practices...the discussion has become simpler..


Skep fiddles while ITIL burns

Ignore for now the fact that that the violin wasn't invented until well after Nero's death... also ignore the fact that Skep isn't responsible for ITIL's prosperity...

What does seem clear is that in 10 years this conversation will seem rather silly. Just as IT departments are devolving, IT Service Management will necessarily devolve into just plain old Service Management. The conversation over how to version it will seem rather trite by comparison.

For what its worth, I voted for ITIL 2011, in order to keep consistent with the common convention used for PRINCE2 2009.

extinguishing ITIL

That's not fair. I think this blog has had a good crack at putting ITIL out (and will again very soon). All firefighting and no fiddling makes Skep a dull boy.

Nor am I "fiddling" because I think ITIL is a lost cause. I'd bet my money on COBIT to win the IT framework race, and my new book BSM makes it clear I agree with you about the IT fading out of ITSM, but there will be a place for narrative guidance on itsm for decades to come. ITIL's time in the spotlight is almost over but that doesn't mean it is dead.

Bad Configuration Management

Simply calling this v3 or v3 2011 is inadequate and bad Configuration Management practice, especially since this version has new or newly-defined processes.

this was ITIL V4

The world is realising this was ITIL V4 but politics and saving-face and customer fatigue meant it couldn't be called that. The British civil service are masters at calling things something else to avoid fallout. Ref. "Yes Minister" :)

Just ITIL, the version doesn't matter. Seriously?

Fully 31% of respondents voted "Just ITIL, the version doesn't matter". Seriously? For all you folk who voted that way, I recommend you read Service Operation section 5.9

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