Two questions to ask

Here are two questions you can ask yourself, or you can ask any person or team, to challenge them to change the way they work:

  • Can you show how your work will be better in a year?
    We want to know whether there is any improvement programme, or any bandwidth for improvements, or even any culture based on improvement.
  • Can you keep working in this way indefinitely?

Standard + Case methodology to be released by US government

The IT Skeptic is proud to announce that the US government is adopting The Standard Plus Case methodology for national security response.

Some cultural change principles I have learned

Here are a few things I seem to be saying a lot lately, while immersed in driving DevOps transformations.

1) Patience patience patience. Some people have to see and feel it to believe it. It takes years to change a corporate culture, to bring everyone along.

Hot desks suck

Hot desks suck.
Wandering around trying to find anyone.
People coming in at 7 just to get a good seat.
Impersonal clinical workspaces.
No physical team identity. No sense of place.
One organisation bans all plants "because of allergies".
Completely ignores the lizard brain, and treats people like devices.

Why companies change their ITSM tool

Stephen Mann wrote about why companies change their ITSM tool. Over at he had the results of a survey. You can read about it here

I think he missed the main reasons that people change ticketing tools (and many other categories):

1) our culture is screwed and we think a new tool will fix it.

DevOps has three parents: Lean, Agile, and ITSM

DevOps synthesises three bodies of knowledge: Lean, Agile, and ITSM.

Lead with DevOps

On Facebook group Back2ITSM, Daniel Breston asked a great question:

IT projects go away? #NoProjects

OK so IT project management won't go away entirely but it ceases to be the basis of our work.

Axelos legal bullies on the rampage

© Can Stock Photo Inc sumnersIt seems that Axelos's lawyers are no better than TSO's were: a bunch of idiot bullies.

Breaking the iron triangle of faster better cheaper

The iron triangle of faster better cheaper can be broken.

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