Big Uncle

ImageBig Uncle is a name for the concept of “benevolent security”. Privacy is a dated concept, disappearing fast. People get all tied in a knot over this, but the consequences are only as bad as we let them be. Like any technology, there will be evil applications of surveillance and there will be good ones. There are upsides which the IT Skeptic investigates, in a series of posts about Big Uncle.

The Snowden debate continues. Of course he's a hero. I said so in my keynote for itSMF Australia in 2014.

I'm pro-surveillance, I'm not pro unrestrained spying without transparency or checks, which is where the NSA were at. The state has every right to look at citizens, you have no right to anonymity or obscurity. But conversely the state is accountable to us for looking. That wasnt happening.

If we do nothing we get Big Brother. If we assert our rights, and if those inside the technology (that's we IT professionals) are willing to risk their lives to whistleblow, we get Big Uncle.

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