All five IT Skeptic books available on Amazon

You can buy all of my books in print now from, as an alternative to Lulu. Digital versions are still only from Lulu.

Yes I know I said The IT Skeptic Looks at CMDB would never be sold through Amazon, but apparently I fliipped the wrong bit and it is there so I am leaving it there although I make very little.

For all books, I'm struggling to get the feed to work into,, etc Sorry, I'll keep on it for you. In the meantime Lulu provides best shipping options for many countries.

By all reports I'm getting, people enjoy these books and find them useful. I hope you will too.

A must-read for everyone who owns, approves, proposes or manages an ITIL project.

My favourite of these books: inspiration and ideas to make am difference in your own and other peoples' IT careers.

"Do your worst", so I did. My selection fo all the content from this blog worth taking on holiday with you for a relaxing, amusing and yet stimulating read.

There aren't many funny ITSM books. According to all the reader feedback this one is. A satire on ITIL, ITSM and IT operations in general.

A controversial book this one, arguing that CMDB is an unjustifiable diversion from improving configuration management process.

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