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The ITIL Wizard prefers to remain anonymous because, as a recognised industry-leading expert on ITIL, he has more work than he can handle already. This column is just his way of giving back to the industry that rewards him so well.

For pity's sake people, this stuff is SATIRE! Will you quit taking it seriously please. Learn to read critically for your own protection. Sheesh.

I used to make the questions up, but now, sadly, I find plenty of material online for the questions as well as the answers.

How long will ITIL take?

Dear Wiz

We are looking to adopt ITIL. How long will it take us?

Enthused of Slough

How to choose the best Service Desk tool?

Dear Wizard

We have decided ITIL is the way to go so we are in the market for a good Service Desk tool. What do you recommend?


What do we need for CMDB besides a data model?

Hi Wiz

Within the server team we had a brainstorming session and came up with a smokin' data model for our CMDB. It caters for virtualization and everything else important.

Is there anything else we need to consider before we build it? We're thinking MySQL, right?


Who sets the ITIL exams?

Dear Wiz,
I just sat my ITIL exam and it was really hard and confusing. Is it Prometric who writes these exams because I want to complain?


What is the optimal team size for Level 2 support?

Dear Wiz,
Our level 2 support people seem to manage more than one problem at a time. What is the optimum number of staff?


When does an Incident become a Problem?

Dear Wiz,
When does an Incident become a Problem?

Hope you can help me