where did OGC go?

OGCITIL v3 2011 is released and the little wanker* is no more. I am referring of course to the onanistic logo of the OGC that has appeared on the books for a couple of years. The IT Skeptic is reliably informed that the new edition of ITIL has no mention of our beloved OGC anywhere.

The books are Crown Copyright. TSO's logo is on them as "the official publisher". There is a "HM Government" logo to remind us Liz still owns ITIL. And a couple of mentions of The Cabinet Office. Some readers will be puzzling over where OGC went.

In June 2010, OGC was rolled into the new Efficiency and Reform Group within the Cabinet Office with a new boss. Since then the OGC brand name has been slowly disappearing, although I'm pretty sure the little man with the problem in hand has appeared on books since then. British government bodies die hard.

Now finally with ITIL V3.1 2011 OGC seems to have sunk into the murk.

The question of where they went is rather academic anyway - it is not as if OGC has been running anything for some time. I'm convinced they were just a revenue generating body to collect the royalties. They were certainly paid as if they were tasked with being a profit centre. And they went to great lengths to protect their revenue stream even when it ran contrary to Government policy, policy set BTW by the Cabinet Office. Now they're gone.

What all this means in the future is anyone's guess, including mine.

*Wanker: American readers may need to look this up


It is no more


I fear they are deceased. We recently received a letter from the Cabinet Office regarding an ITIL licence we hold, which stated:

As you may be aware in June 2010 the Minister for the Cabinet Office announced the reorganisation of some Government activities. The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) has now moved from being an office of Her Majesty’s Treasury to become part of the Cabinet Office and OGC’s functions have moved into Cabinet Office. This letter is to give you notice that, OGC has now assigned all their rights, title, interest, and benefit in and to the Agreement to the Cabinet Office. The Cabinet Office is another Government Department and the team which is responsible for the Agreement has not changed. The Agreement shall continue on its existing terms in all other respects.

So it would appear OGC is dead - long live the Cabinet Office.

My 2011 books arrived today

My 2011 books arrived today and the sleevenotes do mention that OGC are no longer the holders. I guess they have something else to hold now. Fnar fnar.

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